You don’t even have to transfer it to a platter.


Sheet-panrecipes are ideal forweeknight cooking, whether you’re in the mood for chicken (try Justin Chapple’ssheet-pan chicken with sourdough and bacon) or alow-fuss pizza。在本周的事件F&W Cooks,Susan Spungenoffers a simple sheet-pan salmon dinner, which is just as elegant as it is easy to pull together. You have time to prep ingredients while you wait for others to cook, and you can also adjust the recipe based on what you have available; use Brussels sprouts in the fall and winter, or opt for broccolini instead of asparagus. It all comes together in under an hour, and you can serve it right on the baking sheet, too.

Check out Spungen’s tips for making the dish below.

Prep as you go along

This recipe is designed so that you can prep ingredients while the others cook. You start off with the prepped radishes, carrots, and shallot in the oven, and make the glaze for the salmon in the meantime. Then, you add the glazed salmon to the baking sheet and put it back in the oven while you prep the remaining vegetables, the sugar snap peas and asparagus. Finally, those get added to the baking sheet too, and you roast everything until the salmon "flakes easily" and the vegetables are tender.

Use the “universal roasting recipe”

Spungen tosses both batches of vegetables with what she calls the “universal vegetable roasting recipe,” aka salt, pepper, and olive oil—"that's all you ever need," she says.

Feel free to use substitutions

Throughout the video and in her recipe, Spungen lists several helpful ingredient swaps. Broccolini instead ofasparagus; snow peas swapped in for sugar snap peas; sliced baby potatoes in place of radishes; garlic scapes, leeks, or green garlic in lieu of the shallot. If you’re preparing the dish in the fall or winter, she says Brussels sprouts would work, too.

Herbs-wise, she loves mint and parsley with this recipe, but as you’ll see in the video, you can swap in dill for the mind. And as for the carrots, you can use thin carrots or baby carrots (not the pre-peeled kind that comes in a bag), or regular bagged carrots.

Add more Sriracha if you want heat

The glaze for the salmon is a super simple mixture of honey, Dijon mustard, and sriracha. If you want extra heat, you can add more Sriracha to your taste.

Don’t worry about the skin

Although the recipe calls for a side ofsalmonwith the skin removed, Spungen uses a skin-on piece of salmon in the video with no problem. Usually when you roast a piece of fish, she notes, the skin will stick to the sheet pan and the fish will come right off of it.

Serve it right on the baking sheet

Once everything’s cooked, you’re all set to dig in. Leave the salmon right on the sheet pan to make things easy, and add the fixings—shaved raw radish and fresh herbs on top, with lemon wedges on the side for serving. Voilà, an easy, gorgeous dinner that’s ready in under an hour.